Gaming Controller

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Product Description

  • High Quality Texture
  • Stunning Mechanical Design
  • Excellent Tactile Feedback

Product Application

  • Game Console Controller
  • Set-top-box Controller
  • Mobile Game Controller


Model nameDescriptionRemarks
Controller + Wireless Adapter Plug dongle in the PC
D-pad design
Built-in 3.5mm stereo headset jack
For Computer Use
Wireless Controller Impulse Triggers/ Vibration motors
A 3.5mm stereo headset jack
D-pad design
Thumbsticks enable better grip and accuracy
Trigger and bumpers
For Box One
Bluetooth Gaming Controller Bluetooth 3.0
4x LEDs (player indication)
2x analog joysticks (w/ thumb buttons)
2x analog triggers
For Android
2.4/5G Gaming Controller A set of 4 paddles, a set of 6 thumbsticks, a set of 2 D-pads
Swap thumbsticks and D-pads
Fire faster
Interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip
For Box One